The US government to intervene in Apple EU tax dodging case

US government to intervene in Apple’s €13bn Ireland tax dispute with EU

The US government to intervene in Apple EU tax dodging case

In that case it was not that his government was hacked off with the European Union, it was simply that it thought that it should be paying its tax in the US.

In August 2016, European Union competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager levelled a €13.8bn finding against Apple, suggesting that the tech giant benefited from a 1pc corporate tax rate.

IPhone maker Apple took its case to the Luxembourg-based General Court, Europe's second-highest, in December after the European Commission issued the record tax demand saying the United States company won sweetheart tax deals from the Irish government which amounted to illegal subsidies.

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While Ireland and Apple both deny any wrongdoing, today's report is significant. A source now tells Reuters the the us government is getting involved. The Irish government is siding with Apple in appealing the decision but now it looks like the U.S. government may also be stepping in. "Ireland did not give favourable tax treatment to Apple - the full amount of tax was paid in this case and no State aid was provided". Apple is fighting the order, as is Ireland, who said, "The Government fundamentally disagrees with the European Commission's analysis and the decision left the Government no choice but to take an appeal to the European Courts".

The ECG, the second-highest court in the European Union, is expected to hear the case in late 2018.

The Trump administration, which has tentatively proposed a tax break on $2.6 trillion (€2.3 trillion) in corporate profits being held offshore as part of its tax reform, has not said anything in public so far about the case.

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