Super Mario Odyssey Doesn't Have A Game Over Screen

Super Mario Odyssey won't have any game overs

Super Mario Odyssey Doesn't Have A Game Over Screen

An open world game is satisfying only when players have complete freedom to explore everything the developers have created.

For a long time, possibly since the advent of video games, the big flashy game over text had played an important role in letting players know they have failed. Clash of Clans and other mobile games allow them to pay to win.

Unlike previous incarnations, when Mario dies and loses all of his lives, the player is taken to a game over screen and have to start all the way back at the beginning with three lives. "No matter how many times you'll mess up, there's never a game over".

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Nintendo is finally making moves into the smartphone space with its Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes apps, which has lead some to believe it may spread its wings onto even more platforms. Now, however, you can also see a little of the Mario action for yourself, since we've got some new gameplay capture of the areas shown during E3.

The traditional Game Over screen will never appear in the game because it is all about open world exploration and the developers doesn't want anyone to feel out of sync while they are walking, jumping or falling in the attractive maps they have created. The caption of the tweet reads "If Mario's health drops to zero, or if he falls down a bottomless pit, you'll lose 10 of your coins. But...!" Super Mario Odyssey is one among them which offers unlimited ways to explore and enjoy without having to feel that it ends at some point.

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