Republicans Are More Generous Tippers, Says Survey

Republicans Are More Generous Tippers, Says Survey

Republicans Are More Generous Tippers, Says Survey conducted the survey through Princeton Survey Research Associates International and found that Republican males - particularly in the Northeast - tipped a median of 20% when dining at a restaurant, whereas women and Democrats from the South were among the worst tippers, giving 16% and 15%, respectively.

While the study was largely focused on tipping at restaurants, it also examined gratuity habits at other locations where many people consider tipping much more optional.

According to a new report, people who tip 20 percent are considered the best tippers. Fifty-nine percent of Republicans say their typical restaurant tip exceeds 15%, while just 46% of Democrats say the same.

Women tip a median of 16 percent, and Democrats, southerners and cash users tip a median of 15 percent.

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Overall, four out of five Americans said they leave a tip for their server and the median tip is 18 percent.

Less than 30 percent of survey respondents said they give tips to housekeepers or baristas.

Women are more likely to tip their hotel housekeeper than men, with 47 percent of women saying they do and 33 percent not doing so. That split among men and women is similar to hotels, with 47 percent of women and 41 percent of men tipping. "How is that even possible?"

People are notably more generous with their barbers and hair stylists, with 67% saying they always tip and only 12% saying they never do.

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