Army veteran wishes strangers to text him as his last wish

Lee Hernandez of New Bravos Texas has asked that people reach out by texting or calling him

Lee Hernandez of New Bravos Texas has asked that people reach out by texting or calling him

Lee Hernandez, who is under hospice care at his home in New Bravos, Texas, has continuous strokes that have affected his vision and cognitive abilities. The 47-year-old's body is deteriorating despite three brain surgeries, according to his wife, Ernestine Hernandez.

Doctors said they can't figure out the cause of his illness and all that's left to do is make him comfortable.

Lee, who is being cared for at a hospital in New Braunfels, Texas, asked his wife to hold onto his phone "in case someone calls", but after his phone was silent for two hours, he said "I guess no one wants to talk to me".

"It broke my heart", Ernestine Hernandez told the Republic. "Lee's speech is not very well, so many people don't take much interest or want to talk to him", she said.

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His wife Ernestine Hernandez made a decision to do something about it and contacted Caregivers of Wounded Warriors. The Facebook post garnered hundreds of reactions, with many promising to call, text or send Lee a card in the mail. Ernestine says "a lot of people call to pray with him". "It really uplifts him". Ernestine says her husband is a "fighter" and has "beaten the odds and his strong will keeps him going".

"Thank you everyone for your calls and support, " she told The Arizona Republic. "I am trying to give him the best life I am able to with the help of my mom", Ernestine said. Ernestine Hernandez said the best time to make contact is during the late afternoon or early evening, Central Daylight Time, the Republic reported.

People who would like to call Lee can reach him at 210-632-6778.

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