Years Old Girl Murders Her Mother And Posts SORRY MOM on Facebook

Anna has since been charged with two counts of first-degree murder concealment of homicidal death and arson

Anna has since been charged with two counts of first-degree murder concealment of homicidal death and arson

A police statement says emergency response units were dispatched on the afternoon of Saturday, June 8, to respond to a house fire, where a body was found inside the residence. If convicted, she could be behind bars until she is 21.

According to the New York Post, 15-year-old Anna Schroeder allegedly shot and killed her mother Peggy Schroeder, 53, as the mother arrived home from work on Thursday. Helm has not been formally charged yet.

They're scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning. Anna had her initial appearance and both have a pretrial hearing August 8.

Sauk Valley reported on Tuesday that Anna's friend has not been charged, and that the two girls are being held in Mary Davis Detention Home in Galesburg.

But, hours later and overwhelmed with guilt, the teen's friend allegedly confessed to her mother, who brought her to the sheriff's station, local radio station WIXN reports.

A friend of the girl, a 15-year-old from Rock Falls, is facing concealment of homicidal death and arson charges, and also is being charged as a juvenile.

Rachel's mother reportedly drove her over to Anna's house where the two tried to clean the blood out of the carpet. On Saturday, they moved the body to a bedroom and set fire to the sheets, Molina testified. On Friday, the two girls reportedly went to Subway to eat, where Anna vomited in the bathroom after learning her father would be traveling to Morrison.

Anna's older sister, 18-year-old Kaylene Schroeder, told KWQC that she's been touched by tributes to her late mother, and that she's thankful for the support her community has given her during this trying time.

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The girls then walked to a nearby store to buy more cleaning supplies. They chose to run away and dyed their hair, Molina said, according to Sauk Valley Media. Rachel, who is blonde, dyed hers red; Schroeder, who is brunette, dyed hers black. While Rachel was initially skeptical about her friend's claims, Anna reportedly sent a photo of Peggy Schroeder's dead body.

It is unclear what the motive was behind the alleged murder.

Firefighters were called to the home shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday.

Anna was found at her father's house and later confessed everything.

I do not even know if you are seeing me at this moment ...

"I would've said, "Thank you for adopting us, for giving us a second chance at life, for loving us no matter what we put her through.' Because we put her through a lot, but she was always there for us and she just wanted us to succeed in life and i'm going to miss her a lot".

"I started crying I just couldn't believe it, because my mom was always very careful with candles and stuff", Kaylene Schroeder said.

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