Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives in 2018, to fans' relief

Disney reveals new Kingdom Hearts III and Star Wars: Battlefront II details at D23 Expo 2017

Will Kingdom Hearts III make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch?

According to the presentation during the D23 live stream, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming in 2018. Let us know what you think of the trailer and for more Kingdom Hearts III news stick around here at Gamer Professionals. The new title, which is a collaboration of Disney Interactive and Square Enix, will be the latest installment to a franchise that began back in 2002. Check out this trailer shown at D23 2017.

The universe of Toy Story will be apart of Kingdom Hearts 3 and will see Woody, Buzz, and potentially others teaming up with the likes of Goofy and Donald Duck.

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"At long last, we are excited to open up the Kingdom Hearts universe to include the world of Disney-Pixar's "Toy Story, '" said Tetsuya Nomura, Director of the Kingdom Hearts series".

Fans will be happy to know that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 2018 sometime. This joins Tangled and Big Hero 6 as new worlds for the game, along with Olympus Coliseum as a returning world.

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