Watch 'Marvel Powers United VR' Grant Superpowers to Mere VR Wearing Mortals

Rocket Raccoon is on board so I’m on board

Rocket Raccoon is on board so I’m on board

A new game called Marvel Powers United VR was recently announced for the VR device during the D23 Expo.

The game will feature a full roster of characters from the Marvel universe. The game's new trailer features heroes like Rocket Racoon, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain Marvel. Another hero will be unveiled during San Diego Comic-Con.

Sanzaru Games definitely appears to be inspired by the breakthrough The Unspoken VR game that allowed players to use magical powers with their hands. And Captain Marvel can use her photon beams, super strength and, of course, fly. Multiple players can team up, each taking on the role of a different Marvel character, to play together in joint missions.

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Some popular video game personas are also being incorporated into the game to help build up some hype around the VR product with the widely popular Markiplier showing off the game during the reveal. The trailer indicates that there will be an "arcade-like" component to the action that keeps track of player's kill streaks and similar statistics. Sanzaru Games also released VR Sports Challenge and Rip Coil a year ago as Oculus Rift exclusives.

Interestingly, it also seems like players will have access to special abilities unique to the character they are playing.

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