BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced

The title's called BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and its debut trailer was just shown during Evo 2017.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is the next project from Arc System Works. A new character and a new game.

The game is a massive crossover between BlazBlue: CentralFiction itself, Persona 4: Arena, French Bread's Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [st], and Monty Oum's RWBY. From the name itself, the game will also include a tag system which is a first for the franchise. Well, considering that Arc System Works has its hands full with Dragon Ball FighterZ, we assumed it would be a while.

The trailer above was released alongside the announcement.

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Following the red motif of the first trailer, the new teaser posters showcase the key characters in crimson attire that matches the movie's logo.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be released in 2018, though no specific date has been mentioned.

Not much else is known about the fighting game yet, but it is already being hyped up by BlazBlue fans and fighting game enthusiasts.

It's dramatic and chaotic, as you might expect from a BlazBlue game, but the combination of characters might be enough to draw in newcomers that the series proper has scared away all these years.

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