Chileans Lose Power in Rare Snowfall

Snow falls in Chile Santiago

Snow falls in Chile Santiago

It's winter in southern South America, but snow is rare any time of year in Chile's capital, Santiago.

The blackouts were mainly caused by trees and branches falling on power lines, officials said.

Chile's Ministry of Interior and Public Safety on Saturday said one person died while trying to clear ice, while two others were injured by a power line that fell.

Meteorologists said the snow fall, which followed an unusually cold period for the region, was the heaviest seen in Santiago since 2007.

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"It is true: In Santiago it is snowing".

Chile's National Emergency Citizen Corporation Network warned Santiago residents about driving in the snowy conditions.

Snow in Santiago is slightly more common than snow in Los Angeles. "If you can, avoid leaving - do it, and don't risk yourself", the agency said in a statement. Several football matches were suspended due to heavy snow, the Football Federation of Chile said in a statement.

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time", the Chilean government said in a statement obtained by UPI.

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