Couple Allegedly Used Their Honeymoon To Kidnap And Rape A Woman

Newlyweds accused of kidnapping, raping woman | Miami Herald

Couple on their honeymoon 'kidnapped and raped a woman before strolling into a convenience store naked to steal some soda'

A couple are accused of kidnapping, beating and raping a woman in a motel while on their honeymoon.

Newlyweds Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timothy Lowe, 37, allegedly beat a woman in a supermarket parking lot, forcibly took her to a motel, and then raped her.

Hurley and Lowe have been denied bond on the kidnapping charges and are awaiting trial.

Though they first were only charged with petty theft, video surveillance soon tied them to the earlier rape, and their 27-year-old alleged victim picked them out of a police lineup, The Miami Herald reported.

The victim told police she was pulling out of a parking space with her window down, when Hurley jumped out of her auto and hit her with something in the head, knocking her unconscious, the Miami Herald reports.

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She allegedly woke up to Hurley choking her in the auto as the duo drove to a motel.

Police discovered the couple walking naked a few blocks from the store, still carrying the stolen food items. In that room, the woman was forced to have sex with the couple and perform oral sex on Hurley.

At one point, however, the suspects became distracted and the woman was able to escape the room.

The following day, circa Monday morning, 3am, the couple entered a 7-11 convenience store naked where they poured themselves sodas without paying.

Hurley and Lowe were described as a Georgia couple, but jail records do not list a hometown for either.

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