HTC users complain about seeing ads in keyboard

HTC users complain about seeing ads in keyboard						
						Mobile															By:				CIOL Writers

HTC users complain about seeing ads in keyboard Mobile By: CIOL Writers

So you'll want to switch to another keyboard to avoid these ads. As if it weren't bad enough to be faced with ads no matter what corner of the Interwebs you go, HTC has decided that you should also see them in nearly all screens of your smartphone.

According to reports on Reddit, it seems that some HTC users who are using the default HTC "TouchPal" keyboard on their HTC phones are reporting that ads have begun popping up on the keyboard itself, as you can see in the screenshot to the right.

HTC is one of the company which uses third party keyboard app, TouchPal instead of creating its own keyboard app.

Both companies are to be blamed in this case.

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Android, the operating system on which HTC's smartphones run, enables users to download and customise a range of third-party keyboards. It also means that HTC could be in the process of removing the ads for good. However, the one place that you do not expect to ever see ads on is on your phone's default software. Tap on that and accept the warnings. Users aren't pleased by the sudden change which alters their overall experience. It is, however, still a awful first experience for users who really just want to be able to type in peace, without being bothered by ads.

While it isn't entirely HTC's fault that the otherwise-popular app is now showing ads, it's a risk that the company should have anticipated when it agreed to have a third-party keyboard pre-installed on its devices. "We're working to fix the error and remove these as quickly as possible", the tech giant tweeted.

HTC has now issued an official statement on this advertising fiasco, stating: "Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone's keyboard. For assistance please go to".

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