Liu Ashes Buried At Sea To 'erase His Memory'

A portrait of late Chinese Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo is displayed outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong Saturday

Liu Ashes Buried At Sea To 'erase His Memory'

The 61-year-old Liu was jailed by Chinese authorities in 2009 for "inciting subversion of state power".

"This gang of hooligans have already flung Liu Xiaobo's ashes into the sea!"

Liu Xiaobo's wife Liu Xia was absent at the conference due to her weak condition, Liu Xiaoguang said.

He thanked the Communist Party for its "humanistic care" of his brother during his hospitalization and death. He was then escorted out and no questions were allowed, prompting the dissident writer, Liao Yiwu, to tweet angrily about how the family was being muzzled.

Liu's supporters said it was impossible to verify if it was really his wish to be buried at sea as the authorities have severely restricted access to his family. The brother, Liu Xiaoguang, is regarded by Liu's friends as having always been unsupportive of Liu's political advocacy.

The government also said the couple's friends attended the ceremony, a claim that was disputed by people who have always been close to Liu.

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Zhang said "friends" also attended the ceremony.

In mainland China, any attempt to the mourn the death in custody on July 13 of democracy activist Liu Xiaobo has been quickly snuffed out.

People took to the streets of central Hong Kong on Saturday night, holding up candles and white roses and marching from the city's commercial heart to China's representative office during the evening vigil. They lauded him as a "great icon" and "people's hero", and called for Liu Xia's freedom.

"We call upon the Chinese government to lift any travel restrictions on his wife and to release her from house detention", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. On Friday, the committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize said it was "deeply worried" about her and urged China to free her. "If I could see her, I would comfort her and offer her a shoulder to cry on", Hu said.

While the Communist regime claimed the family made a decision to cremate Liu Xiaobo and hold a simple funeral for him, family friends rejected this and claimed his widow is under tight surveillance.

"It's best for her not to receive too much outside interference during this period", he said. Liu had dedicated his life to peaceful political change-during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, he negotiated the retreat of student demonstrators as thousands of armed personnel of China's People's Liberation Army stood by to strike. "And now it's been passed on to his wife, who will continue to lead on that same freedom-less existence", Hu Jia, a Beijing-based activist and family friend, told AFP.

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