Mom recreates Beyoncé's baby announcement photo with her own twins

Beyonce opted to use the Kardashians gynaecologist

Beyonce opted to use the Kardashians' gynaecologist

AN Irish mum has recreated Beyonce's photoshoot revealing her newborn twins to the world in a hilarious spoof.

Introducing her twins Sir Carter and Rumi to the world, it was a magnificent photo of the trio that left us with heart palpitations!

And the most impressive part is that Sharon's 6-year-old daughter, Megan, took the photos. She was standing in her garden and was dressed in a veil and baby blanket.

It's not often that someone can do it better than Beyonce - but a Cork lady has gone and done it.

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The mock photos prompted one creative social media user to put forth an effort of her own, albeit with altogether different "twins". "I took the photos for the Craic (an Irish colloquialism to denote fun) because Beyonce's photos were just so unrealistic!"

The Beyonce lookalike shared her pictures on Facebook, where they have been liked and shared by thousands of new fans.

"I'm not on Twitter but my friend in Canada is and as soon as she shared it, it was being retweeted all over the place". "Thought my friends would get a giggle ... didn't expect it to go this far!" "My 6 year old took the qualifications and still did a mighty job", she says in another post on Facebook. "Then they asked me to make my posts public and it spiraled from there", Kellaway added. I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one.

Shot at the six-acre oceanfront mansion in Malibu the family has been renting since the twins birth, the image shows Bey looking all glowy and goddess-y in front of a divine floral arch cradling Sir Carter and Rumi in her arms whilst draped in a handsome, floor-length ruffled robe.

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