North Haven man seriously injured in car-moped crash in New Haven

Police tape at a crime scene

Police tape at a crime scene

A 44-year-old Uber driver from Hamden told police she stopped at a red light at the intersection, started moving when the light turned green, then collided with the moped, whose 48-year-old operator was traveling northbound on Orange, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

National Police Air Service had been monitoring the moped at around 2.15am on Sunday, when the accident took place.

The teenagers were taken to a south London hospital for treatment.

Met Police said it was it was believed to have been involved in an earlier attempted robbery.

Another 16-year-old boy suffered serious injuries to his leg and a 15-year-old boy sustained minor injuries.

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KLAS also reported, citing an unnamed source "close to the story", that a threatening note was left in the office. A Metro Police spokesperson declined to reveal further details, saying the investigation was ongoing.

A police helicopter was overhead tracking the moped trio at the time of the collision.

All three males were arrested at the scene and two knives were found.

The car's driver told police she was stopped westbound on Willow Street and when the light turned green she proceeded and collided with the moped, which was traveling north on Orange Street.

The Directorate of Professionals Standards has been informed.

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