People Injured in Boating Accident on Lake Gage

People Injured in Boating Accident on Lake Gage

People Injured in Boating Accident on Lake Gage

An out-of-control motor boat on Lake Gage in IN has left 10 people needing hospital treatment, some with "serious" or "near fatal" injuries.

"Conservation Officer Carlile was able to throw a rope his patrol boat to entangle the propeller of the runaway boat".

10 people suffered injuries after they were ejected from a boat in Indiana's Lake Gage on Saturday night.

Almost a dozen people were ejected from a boat that started spinning out of control at a lake in Indiana.

Photo shows Dominique Effinger. A DNR statement said an initial report to conservation officers indicated four injured, but the exact number of people injured has not been confirmed.

Four of the ten people thrown from the boat were treated for serious injuries. Two were flown to Parkview with injuries including a skull fracture and a partial lower arm amputation.

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Conservation Officer Jake Carlile launched a Department of Natural Resource Boston Whaler patrol boat while Steuben County sheriff's deputies alerted residents on the shore to move their docked boats and clear the area, as the unmanned boat was circling by the shoreline at speed, nearing closer to boats and docks with each pass. Carlile was able to wrangle the boat, but it struck a pier and then rear-ended Carlile's boat.

The incident remains under investigation by conservation officers.

His boat became disabled, but Carlile was able to use another boat to eventually get into the unmanned boat and stop it. After all passengers landed in the water, the boat continued around the lake unmanned at a high speed and caused property damage and even more injuries.

Alcohol was found to be a factor in the accident, conservation officers said in a news release.

Investigators say the boat's 20-year-old operator was speeding when she cut into a sharp turn, throwing everyone off.

The Indiana officer who finally brought an out-of-control boat to a stop said the incident shows just how risky drunken boating can be.

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