Pres. Duterte Thinks Men Have Balls If They Rape Miss Universe Candidates


Pres. Duterte Thinks Men Have Balls If They Rape Miss Universe Candidates

During the campaign period past year, Duterte vowed to rid the Philippines of illegal drugs in three to six months.

The wrongfully installed presidential seal was visible during the first few minutes of Duterte's speech during the 11th Ambassadors' Tour Philippine Reception in Davao City. Pero pag sinabi mo na, "I have human rights so when I kill somebody...", he said.

It is not clear whether Duterte's comment will affect the island nation's chances of the Miss Universe pageant being hosted on their shores again.

"What I don't like are kids [being raped, ]" he said at a tourism event in Davao City on Friday.

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He said, in apparent sarcasm, that he would congratulate the criminals for raping somebody, implying that they would face consequences. You can mess with, maybe Miss Universe. Someone who respects a woman and doesn't see her as an object. Why does he even think it's amusing to say rape jokes and later apologize?

Duterte became president in late June 2016. Duterte imposed martial law there in May as the military battled with rebels linked to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). I will go to jail for you. "Appropriate measures have been taken against those responsible".

Mr. Duterte has repeatedly been criticised, both locally and overseas, for making jokes about rape, even when he was still running for President a year ago. In May, soon after ISIS-pledged militias overran the southern city of Marawi, the president urged soldiers to continue working, saying he would back them even if they each raped three women.

Duterte responded during a speech to the Filipino Navy by bringing up the affair between her father had with Monica Lewinsky, an intern while Clinton was in the White House. A June poll showed that 78 percent of people in the Philippines approved of his performance.

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