Trump lashes out as new poll finds record low approval rating

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Responding on Twitter, Trump said his 36 percent approval rating - which he rounded up to 40 percent - "is not bad at this time".

Almost 70% of those who thought Russian Federation interfered, said they believe Trump's aides attempted to collude with Russian Federation. Bill Clinton struggled out the gate during his first six months in office, but unlike Trump, he didn't take office under a cloud of scandal, and his approval ratings were higher than Trump's.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll also found half of Americans think the U.S. has weakened under Mr Trump's leadership, and only a quarter say he's made the world superpower stronger.

A June 2016 meeting revealed last week between Trump's eldest son, top aides and several Russians in an apparent bid to acquire negative information about Democrat Hillary Clinton was viewed by more than 60 percent as inappropriate, even as almost half of Republicans viewed the meeting as appropriate.

US President Donald Trump, fresh from a political holiday in Paris, went back on the offensive as a new poll showed his popularity dropping amid doubts about Russian election meddling and deepening frustrations over stalled health-care legislation.

Two-thirds of respondents said they do not trust Trump, or trust him only somewhat, in negotiating with foreign leaders.

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In an open-ended question, negative personal attributes - rather than policy positions - are most mentioned as the top complaints by people who disapprove of Trump: acting inappropriately (13 percent), being ill-informed (12 percent) and making false statements (also 12 percent).

But then, these basement-level numbers are nothing new for Trump.

Just seven percent of Republicans said the Trump campaign intentionally helped Russian efforts, compared with 65 percent of Democrats. Overall, only 60 percent of Americans believe Russian Federation tried to meddle at all, illustrating the power of partisan news media to deflect the findings of several US intelligence agencies. According to Sunday's poll, half of Americans said they prefer ObamaCare over the new Republican plan to replace it, with the plan only supported by 24 per cent of respondents. Similarly, his disapproval rating has jumped five points to 58 percent.

Ford's approval rating sank early in his term after he controversially pardoned former President Richard Nixon - a decision that later earned him the "Profile in Courage" award.

That poll, released on the eve of the vote, showed Hillary Clinton leading Trump by 4 points (47 percent to 43 percent) nationally. That's not to say Americans are feeling positive about the Democratic Party.

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