China's PLA moves troops, lots of heavy equipment to Tibet, say reports

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping

Answering another question from Gandhi on China's increasing influence on its neighbours, Jaishankar said that it was the strategy of every country to increase its footprints and a similar approach had been adopted by Delhi too.

Quoting an unnamed P5 official privy to the briefing, the newspaper said the diplomatic community in Beijing is anxious and some have conveyed this message to their Indian counterparts in Beijing and Bhutanese counterparts in New Delhi.

"Diplomatic talks must be backed by military preparation", he was quoted as saying.

What motives underlie the month-long standoff between Indian Army troops and Chinese border guards in the Doklam bowl, on the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim?

China's state-run media has rejected a Pakistani news report that claimed that over 150 Indian soldiers were killed in Sikkim in a Chinese rocket attack. Some of the G-20 countries have been briefed by the Chinese government separately, the Express said. According to a report of Times of India, the US, Britain, and France said they didn't attend any briefing by the Chinese on the border stand-off with India.

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This is contrary to what India has said, the newspaper stated.

Now, he added, the PLA can "easily transport troops and supplies to the frontline, thanks to the much improved infrastructure including the Qinghai-Tibet railway and other new roads connecting the plateau to the rest part of China". They say Doklam has always been the "traditional pasture for Chinese border inhabitants" and that their archives still retain "some receipts of the grass tax paid by Bhutanese herdsmen".

Although China and Bhutan have been negotiating the precise border for decades without serious incident, the tiny Himalayan kingdom turned this time to help from New Delhi, which sent troops across the border from the northeastern state of Sikkim. "We stress that the Indian side should not take the trespass as a policy tool to reach or realise their political targets", he said.

The foreign secretary told the panel that India has clearly outlined its position on the border and Chinese have their own position, but they are misinterpreting it so India was trying to clarify it.

On being asked if a "closed-door briefing" was held with the foreign diplomats to convey China's version of events, the foreign ministry said it was in "close communication" with the foreign missions in Beijing, but refused to confirm the meeting, the Express said.

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