Kendrick Lamar Surprises Longtime Fan With New Wheelchair-Accessible Van

Screenshot via edotharlow  Instagram

Screenshot via edotharlow Instagram

Along with the van, Phillips also received a Dallas Mavericks jacket emblazoned with Lamar's actual last name of Duckworth, and other gifts.

Phillips had been trying to raise money to buy a specially adapted van to make it easier to get around.

Jennifer showed her appreciation on Instagram: "Thank God for you Kendrick and I will continue to pray for you. Your [sic] a inspiration for me", the note from Kendrick read. [You're] kind and lovely. For all the years of inspiring me, the least I can do is make sure your comfortable driving the city. Phillips was injured in a vehicle accident and rendered quadriplegic, and her lack of adequate transportation has made it hard to spend time with her daughter. She since shut down the page because she's no longer in need of a new van. Revealing that she's been to every one of his Dallas appearances, totaling eight, Phillips commemorated Kendrick and the entire TDE team as all-around unbelievable people.

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"I was a big fan of music and concerts before my injury but I never supported and loved a label like theirs before", she continued. "None of them have ever treated me like a stranger or a charity case". I didn't meet them because I'm in a wheelchair.

Phillips proudly showed off the TDE apparel on which Lamar also wrote how much he appreciated her support throughout the years. Their music and shows were enough for me. But this is wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Next time, I'm driving myself to your show", Phillips said on Instagram. "Thanks to the whole team!"

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