Brexit: Diane Abbott insists Labour's not 'taking options off the table'

Brexit: Diane Abbott insists Labour's not 'taking options off the table'

Brexit: Diane Abbott insists Labour's not 'taking options off the table'

The comments come amid a row within Labour over whether the party should back splitting from the EU's customs union or not.

But it warns that Jeremy Corbyn has made fresh commitments costing £12.9 billion since the election, and says Labour's nationalisation plans would cost £134 billion "at the very least". The problem was that Corbyn never actually made the promise he was alleged to have broken.

A YouGov poll showed that the attack missed its target, with just 17 per cent of 18-24-year-olds believing that Corbyn's statement meant he would wipe out all student debt. "I will deal with it".

"I think a number of the views expressed are a reflection of the genuine complexity of the argument", he said. And the exercise ensured that, every day for over a week, voters were reminded that Labour wants to scrap student fees, while the Conservatives will keep them.

The EU's Brexit negotiators have insisted Single Market membership must include free movement and open borders, and remaining in the Customs Union would leave the United Kingdom unable to form it's own trade deals.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has said Labour is not taking any options for Brexit off the table, in the latest attempt to clarify the party's position.

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Labour may change their pro-Brexit stance if the United Kingdom public change their mind about splitting from the European Union, the party's general election campaign chief has reportedly admitted. "It is vital that we retain the benefits of the single market and the customs union", he said.

Speaking in Pembrokeshire, the MP outlined that tariff free access to the single market is their objective.

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has said United Kingdom and Welsh Labour are on "the same page" when it comes to Brexit.

The shadow Brexit also said, however, that how this is delivered would be "secondary to the outcome". "We need to be flexible in our approach and not sweep options off the table".

Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner said such a position would be a "disaster" because the United Kingdom would split from the European Union and have to allow Brussels to broker its free trade agreements with non-EU nations. "Whether we're in, whether we're out, we're not ruling anything out", he said.

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