Utah man charged in federal court in wife's cruise ship death

Utah man charged in federal court in wife's cruise ship death

Utah man charged in federal court in wife's cruise ship death

In the USA state of Alaska man accused of killing wife on cruise ship.

The family of the Utah woman killed aboard a cruise ship has released a statement.

Kristy Manzanares is a Utah native who made her way to St. George by way of Southern Utah University.

On Tuesday around 9 p.m., the cruise's security and medical team responded to the Manzanares' cabin and found Kristy with a severe head wound and Kenneth's hands covered in blood.

We appreciate all of the support shown toward us from friends and family in Carbon and Washington Counties as well as Princess Cruise Lines and Alaska Airlines.

Thousands of passengers were kept on board for hours while the FBI investigated.

Ritzman and Schroder declined to discuss details of the case beyond those revealed in court documents to date. Her husband, Kenneth Ray Manzanares, also 39, was beside her with blood on his hands and clothing, according to the the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Husband to a murdered - Kenneth Manzanares was detained after security officers of the ship saw the blood on his hands and clothes.

Many people said at first they weren't even aware that Kristy was dead inside the room. "One of the witnesses... advised that when he entered the room he observed KM lying on the floor covered in blood". When he asked Manzanares what happened, he replied: "She mocked me". The Justice Department statement said an eyewitness saw Kenneth Manzanares drag his wife's body from the cabin to a balcony, and then returned her to the cabin.

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"I heard bad screaming, I mean you knew it wasn't normal", Rowlen said. "And it sounded like two or three ladies or girls, definitely women screaming", he said. The witness told security that he himself grabbed Kristy's ankles and pulled her back inside the cabin.

The FBI should be announcing more on this case soon, Time reports.

The couple planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 3,080-passenger Emerald Cruise that left Sunday from Seattle to Alaska for a seven-day trip.

Passengers said that a "murder mystery" theme dinner was taking place when the situation started to unfold.

The ship docked in Juneau, Alaska, on Wednesday morning so that FBI investigators could board.

Passengers allowed off #EmeraldPrincess after #Utah woman killed in domestic situation on board.

A ship security officer handcuffed Manzanares and while the Federal Bureau of Investigation searched him, he said: "My life is over", said the complaint.

"The FBI is frankly better equipped than my small contingent of investigators to continue the investigation", McAllister said.

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