Ohio Sales Tax Holiday 2017

Sales Tax Holiday

Ohio Sales Tax Holiday 2017

Plan back-to-school shopping for August 11-13, when the state is once again waiving sales tax on clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks.

The exemption covers $2,500 of the price on each eligible item.

Shoppers are encouraged to save their receipts for items such as supplies, uniforms and school equipment - like dorm room furnishings - because they may qualify for tax deductions on next year's state individual income tax returns.

The sales tax holiday does not apply to vehicle purchases, restaurant orders, hotel occupancy, leases or rentals of tangiple personal property, fix work, or admission to athletic, entertainment or recreational functions.

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If you can, try to make your purchases at one of the Southwest Louisiana's many locally owned businesses. Additionally, if an item is back ordered and payment does not occur until a later shipment, the item would not qualify for the exemption.

You can't get everything free of tax, though.

An item of school instructional material priced at $20 or less. It's the best time to score some items without the added sales tax.

Is there a limit on total cost or items?

The qualification is determined item by item. "Clothing" includes, but is not limited to, shirts; blouses; sweaters; trousers; shorts; skirts; dresses; uniforms (athletic and nonathletic); shoes and shoe laces; insoles for shoes; sneakers; sandals; boots; overshoes; slippers; steel-toed shoes; underwear; socks and stockings; hosiery; pantyhose; footlets; coats and jackets; rainwear; gloves and mittens for general use; hats and caps; ear muffs; belts and suspenders; neckties; scarves; aprons (household and shop); lab coats; athletic supporters; bathing suits and caps; beach capes and coats; costumes; baby receiving blankets; diapers, children and adult, including disposable diapers; rubber trousers; garters and garter belts; girdles; formal wear; and wedding apparel.

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