Can answer all questions of Murad Saeed, truth will hurt him: Reham

Pakistan       by Sarfraz Ali | Published

Pakistan by Sarfraz Ali | Published

Imran Khan's former wife, Reham Khan has suggested PTI lawmaker Murad Saeed not to risk his political career by maligning her because "the truth will hurt him".

In series of tweet, Ms. Khan stated that Murad Saeed should not risk his political career by slinging mud at her.

Although, Reham Khan rejected the allegations of meeting any PML-N leader earlier, she responded to the photos saying she can meet anyone.

He asked Reham Khan that whom she met during her stay in Serena hotel.

To these questions, Reham responded that she can answer all these questions with evidence.

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"Whose vehicle was she using during Swat stay", he asked. She tweeted, "This young man should know why he should not risk his political career by slinging mud at me".

Previously, some PTI leaders have suspected Reham to be behind the smear campaign against party chief Imran Khan, claiming Gulalai hurled accusations at behest of PML-N leader Amir Muqam and ex-wife Reham Khan.

Reham Khan further wrote that she will attach all the invoices in response to Murad Saeed's questions as she is not the one with "skeletons in her cupboard".

Addressing a press conference in Haripur, Reham said she was not among the "backstabbers" and not "answerable" to anyone.

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