No Man's Sky may finally be getting multiplayer

No Man's Sky may finally be getting multiplayer

No Man's Sky may finally be getting multiplayer

However, the feature was entirely missing at launch, a factor that contributed a great deal to the heavy backlash the game suffered. Developer Hello Games is also promising to streamline travel, improve the game's graphics, add new aliens and ships, and even incorporate some basic multiplayer elements.

It's been one year since No Man's Sky first came out, and Hello Games has been quietly working on a big update meant to address some of the biggest complaints regarding the game (of which there were many).

KitGuru Says: This update for No Man's Sky sounds huge but obviously, this studio has over promised and under delivered in the past so many will remain sceptical until the proof is shown. It also looks like Atlas Rises adds more mechanics to the game, incentivizing players to really engage with their surroundings, rather than just catalogue new plants and animals on different planets. The update seems to indicate the latter, though whether those things provide enjoyment or fulfillment is another question entirely, and one I'll leave for my report after I play this weekend.

Naturally, players managed to meet up on the same planet within days of the game's release. The multiplayer introduced with the update is quite limited. The bad news is that you won't be able to do much with these players.

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"Joint exploration" as it's being called, will allow up to 16 other players to enter a game, however they won't be as visible as you'd expect, rather they'll be floating orbs in amongst the universe.

If you spot odd floating orbs on a planet (like the ones above) they're actually other players. Instead, they will be represented by glowing orbs. At this time, there don't appear to be any further incentives or objectives tied to this mode. Instead, it was a attractive universe with potential for a fun game to take place in it, released far too early with far too many unrealistic expectations.

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