Chloe Khan can't breathe after botched nose job

Chloe Khan is fuming at her make up artist after This Morning appearance

Chloe lambasted her makeup artist on Twitter after she appeared on This Morning

"I was so p****d off today".

"I feel embarrassed to talk about it, and it's stupid, I wake up with nose bleeds, I can't smell perfume. but it's a vanity thing", she admitted. I had a make-up artist booked but found out when she was already meant to be there that she wasn't going to get there until I had to leave so we had to do it in the vehicle. I've had this nose since January, it's the same nose but it looks like s**t because my makeup artist let me down last minute.

After her appearance on daytime TV - where she revealed she can no longer breathe through her nose due to a botched nose job - Chloe took to Twitter to rage about her appearance, revealing she was fleeing the country.

After the show she posted a message to her Instagram story saying her makeup was "rubbish" and that the "foundation is about ten shades lighter than my face".

"F**k new team and new people. I already know. It's not her fault but I was let down so last min with makeup artist and then we had to do it in the vehicle", Chloe explained.

She added: "I was crying on voice not to my bf before I went on because I looked so sh*t I can't even say how upset I am".

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She said: "I have to tape my nose for 20 hours a day" and confessed: "I feel kind of embarrassed talking about it". If I think I look banging I don't care what people say.

She said: "I can't smell and I can't breathe through my nose any more". I wake up with nosebleeds still. "It was just a disaster from the get go". I tried to say something but couldn't speak because I was going under.

Chloe continued: "My first nose surgery was on Harley Street with a British surgeon and I felt the results were very conservative and minimal".

Chloe, who revealed she split up with boyfriend Ashley Cain over her decision to go through with the op, first felt concerned when she arrived at the venue and realised that instead of being a hospital, it was in fact just a house.

Chloe spoke about her horrifying ordeal when she thought she was going to die from her latest nose job as she collapsed on her kitchen floor after surgery. She said: "Just before it kicked in, I saw the doctor put a blanket on me which was dirty and had dried blood on it".

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