Elderly man stuck in elevator for almost a month found dead

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Elderly man stuck in elevator for almost a month found dead

Numerous Woodstream residents complained to managers of a strong odour emanating from the garage area but nothing was done. The Denver senior citizen is believed to have died sometime between the morning of July sixth through August second.

However, "the elevator wasn't inoperable", Denver Police Department spokesman John White said.

Police in Denver are now working to learn why Komisarchik wasn't able to escape the elevator and why authorities weren't notified of the emergency call.

Authorities told the Denver Post that despite having dementia, Komisarchik had the wherewithal to press the emergency button twice.

Elevator fix workers finally discovered his body after multiple residents of the Woodstream Village apartments reported a bad smell coming from the parking-garage, according to the Daily Mail.

The fire department said they didn't receive any emergency calls from that particular elevator vehicle during the period of time Komisarchik was in it.

Greg Pixley said a criminal investigation confirmed Komisarchik pressed the button, which - per city code - must be monitored at all times.

The Post reported that in compliance with Denver city code, the elevator vehicle should have had an around-the-clock emergency switch labeled "Alarm", and an intercom system or phone labeled "Help" for those inside to contact security.

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He was last seen wearing pajamas at on July 5 at a nearby nursing facility.

MEI Total Elevator Solutions monitors the elevators at the Denver apartment complex, according to the Daily Mail.

The parking garage the elevator was located in had been closed due to renovation, and the elevator was not in service.

Greystar Management Services oversees operations at the Woodstream apartment complex. She also told local reporters her father was not physically capable of taking long walks.

"He could've gotten disoriented at times", she said.

A missing elderly man who authorities discovered dead in an elevator at a Denver apartment complex last month may have reached out for help by pressing the elevator's emergency button. However, police say apartment workers failed to check the parking garage elevator after checking two other elevators in the building.

The medical examiner has not yet released Isaak Komisarchik's official cause of death.

The emergency notification system apparently did not specify the exact elevator making the emergency call, but an investigation continues, said Denver Police spokesman Doug Schepman.

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