Is DMX heading back to jail?

DMX Violates Bail Bond on Tax Evasion Case

DMX faces prison time for violating bail

The 46-year-old, born Earl Simmons, surrendered to NY authorities on 13 July (17) after he was slapped with 14 federal counts of tax evasion and accused of failing to pay $1.7 million (£1.3 million) to America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

A Manhattan federal judge, identified as Jed Rakoff, was given a report about DMX's unapproved travels on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017, which stated that DMX "may have violated the terms of his pretrial release in numerous respects".

DMX could be headed back to jail soon, but whatever time he faces would pale in comparison to the 44-year stint he'd deal with if convicted on all 14 counts of tax evasion.

DMX Violates Bail Bond on Tax Evasion Case
DMX Violated Tax Evasion Bail, May Head To Jail

The bottom line is that Judge Rakoff has ordered DMX/Earl Simmons to appear in his courtroom on Friday (08-11-17), where he could be called to the carpet over the violations.

What happened was he left NYC to check on family in St. Louis, without telling the judge ... and he could pay a serious price for that indiscretion.

According to TMZ, DMX's lawyer Murray Richman reportedly expects the judge to increase the rapper's current restrictions, perhaps making DMX wear an ankle monitor. Richman intends to fight it.

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