Is the old Bran Stark really dead? Isaac Hempstead Wright weighs in

Is the old Bran Stark really dead? Isaac Hempstead Wright weighs in

Is the old Bran Stark really dead? Isaac Hempstead Wright weighs in

It has been a long time since #Arya Stark was traveling with #The Hound in "Game of Thrones". "Game of Thrones" airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.

Can you spot the "ghost".

In it we not only had the emotional reunion of Arya (Maisie Williams) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), but Arya also came face to face with Brienne Of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), and the pair immediately sparred with each other in front of the watching eyes of the current Queen Of Winterfell.

Fans reckon it was even more important due to the fact that Catelyn seemingly returned as Arya said to Brianne, "You swore to serve both my mother's daughters".

Clearly keen to remain as close to the Starks as possible, Littlefinger offered Bran his Valyrian steel dagger; explaining the significance of the blade - which is the same one that was sent to kill Bran back in season one - the sleazy character unwittingly uses the word "chaos", only for Bran to reply: "Chaos?" With these two bits of knowledge, we theorize that Arya and The Hound will cross paths somewhere in the Riverlands - though whether Arya will look like Arya is still a question, thanks to her training with the Faceless Men - and he will reveal in casual conversation that Littlefinger is the one who betrayed Ned Stark to King Joffrey way back in season one.

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Viewers were left devastated when Catelyn was mercilessly slaughtered along with her son Robb, his wife and her unborn grandchild in the harrowing episode titled the Red Wedding. Fans believe she will test her abilities once again if she ever comes across The Hound. It was a lot and honestly we are still grieving. Arya was also gifted the Valyrian dagger that was used in an attempt to kill Bran back in season 1 by her brother, but he again looked subdued and odd when interacting with his sister.

This was a traumatic time.

Because of the odd glance exchanged between Sansa and her incessant, murderous suitor, some fans have theorized that she will ultimately kill him as penance for the way he has manipulated her and demolished her once happy family.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss had previously made a decision to not include Lady Stoneheart in the TV adaption - a choice that Martin told Time he argued against.

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