Mystery Person Breaks Into Home, Cleans Man's Apartment

Ashley Savage a police spokeswoman went on to say that someone had entered the premises unlawfully but added that she was not at a liberty to disclose what exactly had been cleaned as it was still under investigation

Mystery Person Breaks Into Home, Cleans Man's Apartment

Arlington man returns from vacation to find that someone had unlawfully entered his apartment, and cleaned it; with nothing missing.

A Virginia man returned home from a trip and found that his apartment had been broken into - and cleaned. Nothing was missing, but someone had cleaned his apartment.

The stunned Virginia man reported his freaky homecoming to police on Monday, the Arlington News reports.

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The man who lives in the apartment told Arlington cops that he does not employ a maid, according to NBC 4.

So for now, this "unlawful cleaning" remains a mystery.

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