Tim Minchin mocks Australian same-sex marriage vote

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Tim Minchin mocks Australian same-sex marriage vote

Tim Minchin has become famous for his sing-song takedowns.

It's not the first time a politically poignant song from Minchin went viral, with his "Come Home Cardinal Pell" song reaching more than 2 million views a year ago.

'I'm always travelling but wherever I stay, people love Aussies and they generally say, they think we're kind, fun and amusing, tall, tanned and toned. and a little bit racist, and a little bit homophobic, ' the comedian croons. It's bad enough these pollie assholes pass discriminatory laws, now we're forced to dance the plebiscite jig.

"But on the upside, this plebiscite might enlighten us - at least we'll know exactly how many Aussies are bigoted c***s".

He continued to sing: 'Some day, we'll all be together once more, once they do their bloody jobs and just change the f***ing law'. Then Carrie can marry Sally, and Ben can bone Tone, in the marriage bed in their Aussie home. You can shove your cherry-picked bible passage up your puckered bottom.

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The long-haired comic also warned religious critics of same-sex marriage: 'Your attempt to keep Australia in the past will be a failure, because most of Australia ain't homophobic'.

The song ends with a message from Minchin: "I think the proposed plebiscite on marriage equality is noxious and obnoxious".

The cost of the postal vote is estimated to be $122 million.

The song was recorded on his iPhone last night and uploaded to social media this morning.

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