Why Eastwatch Could Be a Pivotal Location on Game of Thrones

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Jon Snow showing Daenerys the dragonglass mine HBO

They're bad people. Jaime seemed OK for a few minutes there a couple seasons ago, but now he's back to being all bad again, having sex with his sister and trying to kill the mother of dragons. Let's examine the positives and negatives of Jon pledging himself and the North to Daenerys Targaryen.

With Jon Snow meeting Daenerys Targaryen at Dragonstone in Game of Thrones season seven, there have been a lot of questions floating around, with the main one being: How exactly are Jon Snow and Daenerys related? Technically, Dany and Jon are aunt and nephew as well as second cousins, but if they were to marry it may not be considered incest. But with little allies left to support her, Dany may have to put her suspicions to one side in order to take the Iron Throne from Cersei. So what else will happen in Game of Thrones season 7, episode 5? So by their standards, an aunt and nephew are nearly not related enough.

Dany summoned Jon (on the advice of Melisandre and with Tyrion's blessing) to bend the knee and accept her as queen. First, as Jon noted in "The Spoils of War", the Northern lords aren't likely to accept a southern ruler.

The real problem is that Jon and Dany seem to lack any kind of chemistry.

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To really understand this, we're going to have to break down the two families involved: House Stark and House Targaryen. Kit Harrington has tried to show Jon's attraction to Dany through Jon's self-serious expression but it is a far cry from the connection Jon felt and showed with Ygritte. Looking down on the two of them from a balcony above are Sansa and Littlefinger. They are trying to suppress their personal feelings for their subjects and in the cave, some of those walls did start to come down.

Game of Thrones needs to drastically increase the amount of sexual or romantic tension between as the series reaches the end.

On "Game of Thrones", it's probably good that "all men must die", because there are already too many dang characters to keep track of. Is the show setting up a wedding?

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