Damore: I was sacked because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google

Damore: I was sacked because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google

Damore: I was sacked because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google

The women's stories bolster the claims of United States labour department officials, who have said that a preliminary analysis found that women face "extreme" pay discrimination across the company and have recently raised concerns that Google's strict confidentiality agreements are discouraging employees from speaking up.

Damore lost his job Monday after a firestorm erupted over the weekend when his memo went viral. Damore was sacked by Google on Monday, but this decision only escalated the situation.

But Google executives, including the chief executive officer and the chief of diversity, deemed the document to be in violation of the company's code of conduct because it "perpetuated gender stereotypes".

My goal here instead is to relate another Google bias-claims-and-employee-privacy story from last month, which would have counted as fairly significant news in its own right had it not soon been eclipsed by the memo episode. It has become an all-out culture war outside the company, as well, putting Google and its employees in the crosshairs.

Internet giant Google has fired the male engineer at the centre of an uproar in Silicon Valley over the past week after he authored an internal memo asserting there are biological causes behind gender inequality in the tech industry. "But our Dory questions appeared externally this afternoon, and on some websites Googlers are now being named personally", Pichai said in an email to staff. "I got that at Google before all of this leaked".

Damore's op-ed follows interviews he gave earlier this week with Bloomberg News, as well as an independent broadcaster on YouTube.

Management at the largest tech firms, including Google, have publicly committed to diversifying their workforces, although the percentage of women in engineering and management roles remains low at many companies.

Damore: I was sacked because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google
Damore: I was sacked because of 'ideological echo chamber' at Google

Damore's Twitter account has nearly 60,000 followers despite starting days ago.

Several conservative activists have criticized Damore's firing, and some groups have called for a Google boycott.

Damore has already filed a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming his rights were violated.

Google's liberal stance toward self-expression, enabled by those online forums, was created in part to show that it is not bound by the conventions that stifle more stodgy companies.

Google declined to comment on the planned protest.

"We are going to raise awareness about Google's one-sided bias and campaign against dissenting opinions and voices", activist and protest march organizer Jack Posobiec, a self-identified member of the "new right" that seeks to distance itself from the white-power politics of the alt-right, told this news organization via Twitter.

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