Justin Bieber Looked for Love on a Gym's Instagram-Here's What Happened


Justin Bieber Pursues Girl on Instagram, Finds Out She's Taken!

A woman named Jessica Gober has claimed that the pop icon contacted the Savannah gym she works at after he saw her on its Instagram page.

While she was excited to hear from Justin Bieber, Jessica wasn't feeling it.

She posted a screen shot of the initial message as well.

Sadly for Justin, Gober isn't all that interested. Why?

The Fitness On Broughton gym posted a cute Boomerang on their Instagram that showed their employee posing with an energy can that obviously caught Bieber, 23, attention.

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Unfortunately for the "Love Yourself" singer, Gober then tweeted out a photo collage of pictures of her snuggling up to her boyfriend.

'I've got everything I need right here, ' she wrote with a heart emoji.

It's understood that she is 22-years-old and works at the front desk as well as a personal trainer. "Who is that girl in your latest post?" he wrote, punctuating his question with a heart.

As was mentioned earlier in the article, this isn't the first time Justin has used Instagram to hopefully find a girl. By the following February, she was given a contract with Uno Models.

Justin Bieber recently chose to look for a date in an unconventional way, Just Jared Jr. reports.

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