Sad farewell for injured Bolt as Britain win 4x100m relay

Sad farewell for injured Bolt as Britain win 4x100m relay

Sad farewell for injured Bolt as Britain win 4x100m relay

The 100m race has always carried the most glory and prestige on the track. The Americans beat Britain and Japan, who also qualified. He completed 100 meters in a mind bogging 8.70 seconds. It's true that Johnson shot to worldwide fame based on his 200m and 400m double gold at the 1996 Olympics.

The Olympics, held every four years, and the World Championships, held every other year, are the premier attractions in track and field and are viewed almost equally on the global stage. "They executed and ran well for a young team", Bolt said. Bolt has given his all to the sport that made him and which he also remade. If he could break the Jamaican national record (19.86 seconds by Don Quarrie), he could run the 100m.

The British four of CJ Ujah, Adam Gemili, Danny Talbot and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake set a season's best time of 37.76 seconds to qualify for Saturday night's World Championship final. In a separate report by BBC News, he holds the world record in 100m race with 9.58 seconds. The rest is history historic. "It's nice to have someone who has a view and fills the room and fills a stadium", Coe said about Bolt who has 4,762,800 followers on Twitter and 18,775,000 followers on Facebook. He left as a legend. Kendra Harrison missed out on qualifying for the USA's Olympic team in Rio but, incredibly, just a fortnight later at the Anniversary Games in London smashed the world record that had stood for longer than she'd been alive!

Usain Bolt's first love was not running but cricket and football.

"I think I almost cried" Bolt said."I was just saying goodbye. That was it. Saying goodbye to my events. Saying goodbye to everything."Reuters

He looked like a man amongst boys on the track, partially due to his height and partially due to his ability to leave his competition in the dust like a pack of Rugrats.

When he arrived, track and field was in crisis. As Bolt stretched for the finish line, he was grimacing, his mouth and eyes wide with effort. Bolt was simply on another level.

Incidentally, the look of anguish on Bolt's face - when it struck him that he did not win - rivals that look in Edvard Munch's most famous painting.

Even though Bolt ended his 100m career with a bronze, the three times Olympic Champ is not in a hurry to prepare for the 4x100m relay final this Saturday. Through a dint of hard work and sheer determination, Bolt became a cult figure in the sporting fraternity. I felt certain the fix was in when DeGrasse (Bolt's Puma teammate) withdrew at the last minute, presumably ceding the stage to the elder sportsman. "I haven't really talked to the youngsters so we'll see when it comes to the baton changes, but I'm always excited to run relays and we see what the guys are prepared and ready to do". Bear in mind that Lance Armstrong managed to end his career without getting caught ... too.

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