Satellite images show N Korea testing submarine missile

Satellite images show N Korea testing submarine missile

Satellite images show N Korea testing submarine missile

Recent satellite photos suggests that North Korea is preparing for fresh submarine-based missile tests, an expert has said, amid heightened tension between the US and North Korea over the communist state's successful launch of an inter-continental ballistic missile.

WASHINGTON | recent photos taken by satellite seem to indicate that North Korea is preparing to test a ballistic missile from a submarine, a resurgence of tensions with the United States, according to a specialist of the army north Korean.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in Pyongyang, North Korea, left, and US President Donald Trump.

The activity on a ballistic missile experimental for a submarine-type SINPO shipyard building naval and submarine base of Mayang-do suggest "that the North could prepare a new series "sea" of test-firing, that he has undertaken changes and improvements to the systems and launch of the submarine, or that it is developing a more advanced version of the Pukguksong-1".

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The tensions between USA and North Korea escalated after Pyongyang tested an intercontinental ballistic missile in July that appears to have the range to hit major United States cities.

The pictures, which were taken in May, are said to show similar preparations to those that took place before the communist nation's last submarine launched missile test in August a year ago.

The Pentagon has said that the United States and North Korea would proceed as planned with a joint military exercise despite the risk it will further antagonise the situation.

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