Venezuela accuses Trump to threaten the stability of Latin America

Venezuela accuses Trump to threaten the stability of Latin America

Venezuela accuses Trump to threaten the stability of Latin America

"We have many options to Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary", said Friday, Donald Trump.

"As Minister of Defense and as a citizen I say this is a insane act, an act of supreme extremism", CNN quoted Padrino as saying.

President Trump said Friday that the US could take military action against Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro's power grab.

On Thursday, Maduro had said he wants to meet with Trump and instructed his foreign minister to try to arrange a telephone conversation with the USA president.

Also Friday, the White House said Venezuela's Maduro had requested a phone call with Trump. It's our neighbor. We have troops all over the world, in places that are very far away.

Venezuela was "a mess, a very unsafe mess and a sad situation", Trump said, adding that people there were suffering and dying.

Venezuela appears to be sliding toward a more volatile stage of unrest, with anti-government forces looting weapons from the military after the installation of an all-powerful new legislative body.

Maduro said he had also given orders, "if it can happen", for a face-to-face meeting to be organised with Trump when heads of state and government from around the world gather in NY on September 20.

Maduro recently offered to meet with Trump at the United Nations to diplomatically resolve sanctions the USA recently leveled at Venezuela.

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Stava facendo un'ottima preparazione, e oggi proveremo ancora a vedere se sta meglio, anche se è difficile che potrà farcela. Se vedrò che Keita mi può dare il 100% avrà la sua chance altrimenti giocherà qualcun altro che avrà più voglia".

Donald Trump speaks to the press from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

He added it was "certainly something that we could pursue".

Trump said Friday that he wouldn't rule out a "military option" in response to the crisis.

Several Venezuelans also dismissed Trump's words as "imperial interference".

Regional pressure on the Venezuelan government has continued, with Peru ordering the expulsion of the Venezuelan ambassador from Lima after Caracas sent an "unacceptable" response to regional condemnation of its new constituent assembly.

Maduro and his loyalists have long claimed that the United States is planning to invade the Socialist state.

The power struggle between the government and the opposition has led to months of violent confrontations that have left more than 100 people dead, including protesters, government supporters and security forces.

Venezuela is in a state of turmoil as Maduro's party moves to strengthen its grip on power.

Venezuelan officials say Mr Caguaripano was discharged from the army in 2014.

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