Woodlands sealed off as search continues for Trevor Deely in Dublin

TREVOR DEELY LATEST Gardai searching three-acre woodland site beside river in Chapelizod in missing Kildare man case

The site of the search at Chapelizod today

It's hoped the latest search will lead to a breakthrough in the case.

The 22-year-old was last seen walking home from a Christmas party in the Haddingdon Road area in 2000.

The 3 acre site in Chapelizod in south Dublin has been sealed off and the search is expected to last a number of weeks.

It is understood that the source made a decision to provide the information after being interviewed during a "cold case review" of the original investigation.

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In recent months, gardai have been working to identify a man who was seen outside Trevor's workplace on the night he disappeared.

New evidence was released to the public last April when the then cold-case was re-opened in an effort to finally solve the mystery as to what actually happened to Trevor Deely.

Tragically, gardai have confirmed they've received information claiming Trevor Deely was murdered by a known criminal.

The search is, however, said to be unrelated to the footage.

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