Google Instant Apps now supported on 500 million Android devices

Google testing a Search Lite app for users with slow Internet

Google Instant Apps now supported on 500 million Android devices

Google is also inviting participation for The Eclipse Megamovie Project that aims to gather footage from over 1,000 volunteers along the path of eclipse, to create a continuous view of the eclipse as it makes its way across the USA.

Google typically names its Android releases after desserts (Android N became Android Nougat, for example).

To mark this remarkable achievement, Google has assembled data from different major apps to demonstrate how Android Instant Apps has been beneficial in increasing their user engagement and overall download count.

The Instant Apps are being accessed by users across countries where Google Play operates.

Charlottesville mayor to change vote on removing Lee statue
The "Unite the Right" rally was organized by the white nationalist blogger and Charlottesville native Jason Kessler. The statue has also served as a rallying point for white nationalists, white supremacists and similar groups.

You can catch all of that action at this link on August 21. What do you think it'll be named, what features are you hoping to see?

To activate Instant Apps on your smartphone running Android 6.0+, users will have to opt in for the support. The post says that video-sharing website Vimeo has increased its viewership session duration by 130% after launching an instant app.

However, the Instant Apps are not enabled for all applications by default. Instant Apps are also beneficial for developers. Jet, a US-based app which provides a shopping platform, has found that their conversion rate increased by 27 percent. It is an undertaking to help Android devices with constant and faster OTA updates. Instant Apps, which were introduced during last year's Google I/O 2017, allow people to use apps on their Android devices without installation.

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