What did Littlefinger's note say?

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What did Littlefinger's note say?

In tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, Arya Stark tailed Littlefinger and found a letter he was hiding in his chambers with a Baratheon seal and a signature by Sansa Stark.

Speaking with the New York Times, Aidan Gillan explains Littlefinger's obsession with the Stark family saying that the new Lord of the Vale is actually trying to exploit the rise and return of the Starks. If the White Walkers invade Westeros, I wouldn't put it past him to somehow find a way to curry favor with the Night King, despite his being a mute ice zombie and the walking embodiment of evil.

Her discovery of the letter ― which we see was Littlefinger's plan all along ― is meant to sow even more discord between two trueborn Starks (there are so few these days). If Bran can convince Arya and Sansa that Littlefinger is creating chaos to climb the Northern ladder, then his assassin sister can do what she does best.

We're getting a lot of season one references this year! We see Littlefinger lurking in the shadows, watching her exit his room, so we know he definitely wanted her to read it. So what is it, exactly? Back in Season 1, Sansa Stark was to be Wednesday to Joffrey, and Ned Stark-Sansa's father-was Hand of the King to Joffrey's father, King Robert Baratheon.

She followed his breadcrumbs to a hidden letter in his quarters, which was written by her sister Sansa to their older brother Robb back in season one.

What did Littlefinger's note say?
What did Littlefinger's note say?

Rather than swear loyalty to Joffrey, Robb chose to call his their bannermen and urge them to stand alongside with House Stark in rebellion against the Lannisters.

Catelyn, Luwin and Robb - RIP to all three of 'em - saw this letter for what it was: a message in Sansa's handwriting that essentially came from Cersei's mouth. She sees him receive a note from a servant recovered from the maester's archives. Notably, this letter is all about how Sansa pledged her allegiance to Joffrey and the Lannister's, thus showing her role in the death of Nedd Stark. "She should be given a chance to prove her loyalty".

I don't want to spoil this for you and this certainly isn't the way you want to learn about major plot points for the show. A cheeky icebreaker, yes, but it speaks to a truth about their relationship. Arya already suspects Sansa of wanting power.

Will Arya confront Sansa about the missive? He survived the Battle of the Bastards, has been named King of the North despite not having a legitimate claim, and wants to march to fight the White Walkers and decimate Littlefinger's army with which he planned to take the Iron Throne.

While Sansa seems to be appreciating Arya's gifts, Arya doesn't seem to be appreciating Sansa's gifts at all. Who knows, maybe Bran can nudge them in the right direction, since he pretty much sees everything in the realm.

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