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Silver coins used in Destiny 2 for sale in Steam

Silver coins used in Destiny 2 for sale in Steam

Other features from Destiny 1 that will be in the update include Gear for managing weapons, armor, and inventory; Recruit for searching other players who are looking for Fireteams; Your Profile for managing account information; and Support for communicating with mentors and player support specialists.

With Destiny 2's release date coming up soon, Bungie isn't finished just yet making announcements about the game, it seems.

But with the impending release of Destiny 2, the app is getting an update.

Posting on the official website, Bungie announced two new features that were missing for the original installment. Consider it is a primary source for news and updates for the game.

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Gamescom 2017 runs August 23-26, and GameSpot will have a team on the ground to bring you all the big news as it's announced. First, the Companion app will have an Explore tab which will contain everything that is happening in the world of Destiny. The companion mobile application for Destiny 2 will allow players to create or join a clan, and even invite others for raids.

Pre-loading Destiny 2 will begin "early next week" for the Xbox One, and on August 31 for PlayStation 4 according to Bungie's weekly blog post. Players can also create a unique banner and communicate with teammates through Clan text chat.

This Companion app update will overwrite the Destiny 1 version, so players would have to ensure they install the update.

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