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Marvel fans, particularly those who have followed the Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones solo shows on Netflix, will recognize a number of characters, including Elektra, and will note how plotlines introduced in those earlier shows blossom into unsafe fruition here.

Daredevil, the first character revealed by Marvel and probably the most popular character in this chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is retired at the start of the show.

If "The Defenders" gets another season, it might take a few more years before it lands on the small screen. Once you see her enjoy a private Brahms recital from the New York Philharmonic, you know she's rotten to the core.

"The Defenders" will be an eight-episode limited series set to debut by August 18 on Netflix.

The show unites all of Marvel's "Hell's Kitchen Heroes" for the first time.

If you haven't been watching Netflix's Marvel output up to now, The Defenders turns into a slightly surreal experience.

It's a formula that gives the first couple of episodes a rather slapdash feel, as if the producers are trying to cram as much as possible into a 50-minute run-time. The main characters bounce off each other beautifully, radiating a chemistry that would have been hard to develop for the limited screentime, but which still works out.

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How interesting it is, then, that Iron Fist protagonist Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has his privilege checked in this weekend's team-up series, The Defenders. She's a compelling villain with a mysterious past that borders on the unbelievable - we can't say more than that without giving too much away.

Misty Knight's (Simone Missick) interview with Jessica gets interrupted. "Jessica Jones" Season 2 is now filming while cameras will start rolling for "Daredevil" Season 3 later this year. We also get a hint of the blossoming bromance between Luke and Danny, who realises they make a pretty great team.

"I can see you've formed a bond here", she continues about the Defenders team that also features Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). That's another connection, however evanescent, between the defenders.

Unlike the five seasons that have come before it, The Defenders only has eight episodes.

It's going to seem like it's all over, because unlike a movie theater where you know to just stay planted in your seat, Netflix immediately shoves a whole bunch of other streaming options in your face!

The new series clearly took notes from the successes and failures of the standalone series, especially the bumbling Iron Fist and the boring filler scenes that came with giving 13 episodes to the other four shows.

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