Judge rejects Roman Polanski victim's bid to end case

US judge rejects Polanski victim's bid to close case

US judge rejects Polanski victim's bid to close case

Fugitive film director Roman Polanski has failed in his bid to get his 40-year-old sex assault case dismissed so he can return to the USA despite support from his victim.

"The defendant in this matter stands as a fugitive and refuses to comply with court orders", he said; when Polanski's attorney pleaded back in June that he had "done everything I can to resolve this case", Gordon shot back with, "Well, with one exception", referring to the director's continued refusal to stand in court.

Polanski - a director, writer and producer who won an Oscar in 2002 for "The Pianist" - fled to his native France in 1978 before his sentencing and still lives in Europe.

The woman, named only as Robin, cannot sue Polanski because of the statute of limitation, but said she could testify against him in the case involving Ms Geimer.

Polanski's victim has said she has been more traumatized by the United States legal system and the case dragging on than she had been by the director. But Gordon rejected that suggestion in April, stating that the defendant's fugitive status disqualifies him from seeking relief in the court. A warrant for his arrest remains outstanding.

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Braun, in a Friday filing, suggested two potential paths toward resolution.

After spending 42 days in a men's facility in 1978, Polanksi headed to LAX and France when he heard whispers the presiding judge was talking about putting him in jail for up to 50 years. "Although Mr. Polanski accepts responsibility for his conduct, he believes the court system should accept some responsibility for its conduct in the case", Braun wrote in the filing. "Because he does not owe any additional custody time to the court, there would be no objective in an additional arrest other than to assert personal jurisdiction".

Roman Polanski has been denied his latest request to unseal testimony given by the original prosecutor in the filmmaker's four-decade-old statutory rape case.

Geimer sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement Friday in response to the decision.

Although Geimer said she had forgiven Polanski years ago and called for "an act of mercy", the judge refused the request to close the case. Those who have no sympathy for the anguish of myself or my family care not for victims of sexual assault, Victims are not a commodity to be used to pursue their own agendas.

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