Lady Gaga to testify in Dr. Luke's case against Kesha

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

To complicate the matter more, #Lady Gaga is standing against her, in support of the producer.

Lawyers for Lady Gaga have agreed to hand over text messages related to music producer Dr. Luke's defamation suit against Kesha, according to court documents filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court. The texts to and from Kesha will still be the topics of conversation, which an insider tells Variety Gottwald's team believes "could work in Luke's favor". In layman's terms: She's headed to court.

He also claimed that the subpoena was necessary because he had "not been able to obtain, despite repeated request, a deposition date from Lady Gaga". However, Lady Gaga's lawyer says she has always been willing to do so as long as there were "reasonable limitations".

When Dr. Luke's legal team first issued the subpoena to force Gaga to appear in person for a three-hour sit down deposition, a representative for the star hit back at their claims that she had been uncooperative. Lady Gaga denied that the said man was Dr. Luke.

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Geimer sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement Friday in response to the decision. Braun, in a Friday filing, suggested two potential paths toward resolution.

The Born This Way singer, who revealed previous year that she survived sexual assault, has outwardly supported Kesha during her legal battle and shown support to other fellow survivors.

While Kesha may have made a triumphant return to the music business with her acclaimed new album Rainbow, her legal battles are far from over. Last year, Gaga came to the "Tic Tok" singer's defense after she was accused of trumping up the charges against Dr. Luke reports Rolling Stone.

Lukasz Gottwald claimed that he was used to Kesha's stunt and she had once threatened to provide false information to a blog unless he agreed to cancel the contract. She is seeking to get out of her contract with his label so he can not financially benefit from her work. The world is waiting to see how Dr. Luke's defamation case against her will end.

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