Which WWE SummerSlam matches will stand out?

Since starting his monster push, Braun Strowman has awed fans with his feats of strength and his ability to survive attempts on his life. This will probably be a win for Cass via Enzo trying to screw him over but probably screwing Big Show instead.

"They have two options; leave someone who defends neo-Nazis and white supremacists in the Hall of Fame and accept that their fans will look at them as hypocrites the next time they take a stand about racism, homophobia or other forms of prejudice, or have a spine and stand up to racism". Either way, this story needs some interesting stuff to happen and fast.

It was just the start of the drama-filled event, as Corbin soon cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to jump right into the ring and challenge Mahal.

"I blame @wwe#Raw General Manager @therealkurtangle for the #ICTitleNOT being defended at #Summerslam my goal has always been to make that title the most prestigious, most relevant title in all of sports entertainment".

-Naomi vs. Natalya for the Smackdown Women's Championship.

The flawed decision not only downgraded Corbin's character, it took the briefcase off the table Sunday and likely means we won't see Carmella cash her's in on the victor of Naomi and Natalya's SmackDown women's title match.

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This was a good match that did a nice job of setting up SummerSlam, but I wouldn't say it was great by any stretch.

- Banks is a three-time champion, but each of her title victories occurred on Monday Night Raw. Does Bayley suddenly turn on Sasha? Past year at this event, Charlotte defeated Banks to win her second championship.

"It's amusing being here now because it's all these people throughout my career who I've met at varying times in my career and many early on where it's kind of full circle, and we're all meeting and converging on WWE at the same time", Joe said. There is also the fact that Cena announced in July that he is a free agent able to compete on either Raw or Smackdown to consider as he may move onto the red brand in the near future to face new challengers.

Cesaro and Sheamus (champions) vs.

Despite the aforementioned SmackDown Live tag team division deficiencies, The Ascension has been put so far on the back burner that their biggest contribution the past few months has been their cameos in Fandango and Tyler Breeze's "Fashion Files" skits. Yet here he is, the WWE World Champion in one of the most prominent matches of the second biggest WWE show of the year.

- Cesaro's first career WWE pay-per-view match occurred at SummerSlam in 2012 when he defeated Santino Marella for the United States Championship, and he remains the only superstar in WWE history to win the United States Title in his WWE pay-per-view debut. The Usos (Kickoff Show): New Day won the titles at Battleground, so a rematch makes plenty of sense. These five men have produced some of the best segments on an otherwise slumping SmackDown show and deserve a better than what they will likely get. Originally it was rumored that Jason Jordan would be getting an IC Title shot at the pay-per-view, but it looks like plans have changed. Does Jordan go on to have a solo feud with Miz?

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