Civil rights activist Dick Gregory dead at 85

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Dick Gregory

Brendan Smialowski Getty Images Dick Gregory

They asked for privacy as they grieve, but appreciate the "outpouring of support and love" they have received.

His family confirmed the death through social media.

Celebrated writer, humorist and civil rights figure Dick Grogeory is now in the hospital, fighting for his life.

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They all broke with the minstrel tradition that presented stereotypical black characters with Gregory honing in on current events, especially racial issues, for much of his material.

Gregory died in Washington D.C. two days after his son revealed that he was hospitalized with a "serious but stable medical condition". There is no such thing as a "simple" condition. Gregory continued to speak passionately on politics and culture through to President Trump's election a year ago, and in one particular Instagram post from March, offered a stirring message of resistance, power, and hope. A life well-lived but heavily sacrificed has definitely taken its toll. "My family and I remain thankful for all of the prayers, positive thoughts, messages and good energy". "His comedy showed his education, intelligence, and was inclusive of humanitarianism along with great timing", Cosby wrote about Gregory. "He was FEARLESS. Rest in Power Dick Gregory".

Over the next four decades, Gregory would continue his social and political activism, become a published author. beat cancer and became a leader in the Black community.

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