CBB fans in shock as Sarah and Chad get frisky

CBB fans in shock as Sarah and Chad get frisky

CBB fans in shock as Sarah and Chad get frisky

One shocking clip from the show saw the Girls Aloud star rub her hand over Chad's privates.

While she's now locked in a romance with Chad Johnson that seems to be going from strength to strength, Holly has come forward to announce that some of Sarah's antics in the house prove she'd mesh well with Scotty T and co.

Still not sure why his housemate is so angry, or what the expressions "taking the piss" and "taking the mickey" mean, Chad asks her to explain herself, with Sarah saying: "You're taking me for granted, and you're not listening to my advice".

Meanwhile Sarah down in tears when she realised all of her Celebrity Big Brother housemates but Chad had nominated her for eviction.

Things then take a turn, with Chad telling Sarah he's "spent 30 years of his life not giving a shit about anything" because his "entire life sucked", adding: "You can't make my life any worse".

I'm not going to stand for it, ' she warned.

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Asking if Sarah was naked under the towel, Chad then asked the pretty blonde if she wanted to "Netflix and chill" later that night - widely accepted code for having sex.

She responded: "You've got a shot at happiness if you listen to someone who cares about you". Am I in love? "This is not just one or two, this is everyone but you - I'm assuming you didn't".

We don't know what happens then, but it's something under the covers that prompts her to compare him to a "naughty kid".

The pair's flirty behaviour was taken up a notch earlier in the evening when they were getting ready for bed, with Sarah teasing Chad by wearing just a towel.

'Celebrity Big Brother' airs every night on Channel 5.

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