Taylor Swift posts cryptic teaser in social media return

Taylor Swift

Shirlaine Forrest Getty Images Taylor Swift

And since Swift's social media accounts were recently wiped of all content, the video is now the only thing populating the blank space. The singer's official website was presenting web surfers with an error message early Monday morning (8/21).

The odd clip comes as speculation ramps up that Swift is preparing to release her sixth studio album and first full-length record since 1989. However, three years have passed since she released "1989".

As if the solar eclipse wasn't enough excitement for one day.

Is Swift's retreat from the online world really a sign of the imminent release of her next album?

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The video, which she posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr, shows what clearly looks like a snake or the tail of some sort of reptile, in choppy, VHS-quality style.

Before long, Swift was branded a "snake" by fans (and, apparently, Kim) for misrepresenting the exchange, and the slithering green emoji became code for Taylor Swift. What is she trying to tell us? Is she creating new music? This wouldn't be the first time Swift had a brilliant marketing strategy to do just that.

Steve Bannon leaving the White House may have dominated the news cycle last Friday but another puzzling event occurred that made millions of #Taylor Swift's social media followers wonder, worry, and even react with panic. We'll just have to wait and see.

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