Final Fantasy XV heading to PC early next year

Nvidia Drops Trailer For Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Early 2018

Final Fantasy XV heading to PC early next year

Square Enix officially announced that "Final Fantasy XV" will be ported the PC platform next year during the #Gamescom 2017 event.

Final Fantasy XV has shipped over 5 million copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy XV is being released for the PCs in the earlier months of 2018.

After Final Fantasy XV's release on PC, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy XII will be the only three games in the main series not yet released on PC.

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In addition to all the previously-released DLC, Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition features native 4K resolution and HDR10 support, with the ability to tweak the graphics up to 8K. As for GameWorks, we will have NVIDIA VXAO, NVIDIA HFTS, Hairworks for realistic simulation of hair, Turf for increased grass density, Flow for fire and smoke simulation.

Gamescom has started with a bang, confirming the release of Final Fantasy XV for PC in 2018. While this will definitely offer a stark improvement over its console counterparts, the question is will it offer any more in-game content than the launch version? This just means you'll eek out more performance with the corresponding card. These include enhanced shadows using NVIDIA's "Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadow" technology, along with support for Voxel Ambient Occlusion. ShadowPlay Highlights is a feature much like what the PS4 has, automatically taking screenshots and videos of "the player's greatest gaming achievements". Be warned though, early shots of recommended specs are showing a hard drive destroying 170GB of space needed for install.

Looks like PC gamers will get the highest-end version of the RPG.

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