Solar Eclipse In Santa Clarita, Where To Watch, Safety Tips

Coming later today to a sky near you.- Abel Pardo López

Coming later today to a sky near you.- Abel Pardo López

NASA refers to the eclipse as a "total solar eclipse" because the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun's tenuous atmosphere will be in view.

After they completed an eclipse-related project, they were given the coveted glasses. Pictures of the Sun and the Moon were glued onto opposite sides of a cardboard circle with rubber bands tied to two holes punched in the edges. One of the activities was making pinhole projectors, which are a safe alternative for eclipse viewing.

The library will hand out an additional 200 pairs at noon Monday at the start of the eclipse. "So it's so exciting for them to literally experience that in this lifetime". "We really wanted this to be a community event, not just a small program at the library".

A Time for Science will be holding a viewing party on Monday starting at 1 PM in Grifton.

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"So today we can actually see the moon between the Earth and the sun", Hagans said. She also suggested the library ration out the glasses to only one per person instead of a pair per person.

Santa Clarita Valley residents will see about 70 percent of a total eclipse (see NASA world map image above for "path of totality").

The glasses were a hot commodity on Monday afternoon - all 300 pairs distributed gratis by the library were quickly snapped up by the long line of people that formed while the sun was still whole. Watching through regular sunglasses, unfiltered camera, binoculars, or telescope is not enough to protect people's eyes, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

"People can also find videos online of how to make their own pinhole projector out of a cereal box", Farmer said.

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