This Newborn Had Perfect Timing, So Her Parents Named Her Eclipse

A baby born at Greenville Memorial Hospital to parents Freedom and Michael Eubanks was named Eclipse Alizebeth in honor of the special day

This Newborn Had Perfect Timing, So Her Parents Named Her Eclipse

Little Eclipse was born at 8:04 Greenville Memorial Hospital.

As a nice touch, all of the babies born at Greenville Memorial on the big day of the total solar eclipse - including Eclipse and 10 others as of Monday afternoon - were gifted a special eclipse-themed onesie, all of which sport emoji-esque suns wearing sunglasses. Parents Freedom and Michael Eubanks originally planned to name her Violet.

SC is one of the 14 USA states that falls in the path of totality, a 70-mile-wide ribbon that will cross the country from west to east. Eubanks, now a mom of two, said she had plans to watch today's eclipse with her eldest daughter, but went into labor around midnight.

Springfield Museum hosted eclipse viewing party
The museum collaborated with the Springfield STARS Club to provide a venue for area residents to safely view the eclipse. Radeliz Diaz, 7, of Springfield, wasn't sure what to expect when she looked at the sky.

It's a historic total solar eclipse and for the babies born on August 21 the day is even sweeter.

The decision to legally name her Eclipse was done at the last minute, according to the hospital. "We're probably going to call her Clipsey", Freedom said.

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